Here is the frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand why Aquiles is the better option for sales recovery on VTEX platform.

1Does the system works on other platforms such as Loja Integrada, Xtech or another platform?
A: No. The Aquiles works only on VTEX platform.
2Can i make a test the tool without cost?
A: Sure, we offer a 30-day free trial period with no costs and no obligations. Contact us to make the deployment on your store.
3Does Aquiles have some minimal fee?
A: No. Aquiles is a tool to improve the sales of your ecommerce and, in a month with none recovered sales, he won't charge you.
4Every recovered order will be charged?
A: Aquiles considers only payments approved on the payment gateway. If the order get the payment denied, it won't be charged.
5Which date Aquiles uses to determine the charge at the end of the month?
A: Aquiles uses the order approvement date.
6Can i use only one feature of Aquiles?
A: Yes, you can choose enable one function or enable all of them.
7If I decide to use all of the Aquiles features, it will be more expensive?
A: Our system charge a percentage per recovery order, not per feature enabled. If you want all the features, you will not spend more.
8I work exclusively as a Marketplace, is Aquiles prepared for this?
A: Nowadays, Aquiles is the only one tool capable of work with Marketplaces. When the sale recovery email is sent, the system always checks which seller have the best price to send.
9Does Aquiles work with multi-thread?
A: Yes, he works with commercial policy decided by the store. If you want to determine that the sales recovery won't run for some commercial policy, it can be done.
10After the free period if I do not want to use the Aquiles, will I be charged?
A: No. The trial period is exactly to you know the tool, and if, for some reason, you do not want to use it anymore, you will not be charged at all.
11Do I have to insert any script and / or page in my ecommerce for the sales recovery system work?
A: Insert third party scripts in your store can make your site insecure and / or slow. Aquiles is a tool fully integrated with a VTEX and so it is not necessary add any script in your ecommerce.
12How do I know that an order was closed by the sales recovery system?
A: All orders that are closed by the platform are marked by a UTM, which ensures that it was generated by our system.
13Does the cart link open on any PC or does it have to be on the computer that the user tried to make the purchase?
A: It does not matter which device the customer started the purchase and then opened the sales recovery email. The email works on any device with internet access and with a browser installed.
14How much time the Aquiles deployment takes?
A: After we receive the store access data, it usually takes about 2 hours for the deployment.
15Can the email templates installed in my store be changed?
A: Yes. Feel free to adapt the email layout according to the needs of your store.
16Where are the email templates used by Aquiles?
A: All email templates are inside VTEX Message Center. Just search for "aquiles" and you will find all our templates.
17I did not like the email templates installed in my store. I would like to change it.
A: We install a standard layout in your store and, if you want to customize this template, it is your responsibility. If you can not make the change you want, please contact us. We can send you a propose for developing a new layout for you.
18After change the layout, can I ask you to validate if everything is okay?
A: Of course! Whenever you make a big change to the email layout, you can ask for a layout validation. We check if the information is being sent correctly in the email and validate if the email can be considered as SPAM by the email tools.
19I have an idea to improve sales recovery. Can I talk to you?
A: Of course! If the idea improves sales recovery performance, we can make an improvement on Aquiles.
20Which email server will be used to send the emails?
A: Aquiles will use the same email server that is registered in the store's Message Center (VTEX).
21Why Aquiles is better than the other softwares?
A: Aquiles is a sales recovery tool totally especialized on VTEX platform. Our developers work with VTEX for years. All this time make our team capable of identify improvement points that the other tools aren't able to identify.

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